Resort & Campground Services

There are many campgrounds in the North Georgia area and we haven’t run into one yet that doesn’t need septic service. We often find that systems were designed and installed many years ago and it isn’t sufficient now to handle the amount of campers enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery. 

Our technicians work hard to find not only the best, but also the most cost effective solution for our customers.  We know when these systems need to be checked and maintained to keep up with the seasonal traffic.  Our basic services are listed below but we go beyond this and take pride in our problem solving ability.  There are many companies that hear a problem and offer one solution, and that’s it.  While many of the traditional fixes have worked for a long time, the industry has come a long way.  Most problems we find now have many different solution options.  It’s about what fits the customer, the property, and the budget. 

Septic Tank Pumping is one of the most effective ways to maintain septic systems.  Proper maintenance of your system will help protect you from the headache and cost of repairing a failed system. 

We can locate your drain lines and septic tank; this is helpful when starting any property improvements.  It is very important to know the location of your drain lines and septic tank before projects such as a new driveway, swimming pool, or even landscaping.

Camera Video Inspections will let you see what is in your lines that could cause you problems in the future.  Detecting and repairing a problem in your lines early can save you money by minimizing the risk of emergency service.

We offer enzymes for your septic system.  It is very important for the bacteria to grow in your septic tank for it to function properly.  With all the anti-bacterial soaps and detergents we use these days, that necessary bacterium is being eliminated in the tank.  The enzymes are added monthly to put the bacteria back into the system.